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Jan 30, 2017

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In early 2017, she expects to launch a website providing stock images and video clips focused on diversity. The content will be available for use by small businesses and marketing companies like her own who target a wide range of companies in diverse communities. Sur-Ryl Marketing would like to thank The Center for awarding them the generous grant. Small businesses interested in marketing services can reach Sur-Ryl Marketing by visiting their website,, or contacting them directly at (323) 238-7359. Small businesses can learn more about the upcoming "Access to Capital" event in Palm Desert hosted by The Center on March 30 by visiting their website, , and about small business lending products offered by Lendistry, by visiting . About Lendistry Lendistry's mission is to provide economic opportunities and progressive growth for small business owners and their underserved communities as a source of financing and financial education. Responsible lending for the benefit of both small business owners and investors is at the core of Lendistry's culture. Since 2014, Lendistry has originated, funded and/or syndicated roughly $92MM in transactions, providing the U.S. small business community a range of financial services and products. Lendistry has a flexible, interactive, and unique technology-based underwriting and servicing mechanism geared towards small business transactions between $50,000-$1,000,000, and terms up to 10 years. Lendistry also has a certification from the Department of Treasury's Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) office providing access to a variety of credit enhancement programs.

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Robert Hannigan, who has held the post of GCHQ director since 2014, said he was stepping down for family reasons. He said he was proud of his work but that 20 years in public service roles had "demanded a great deal of my ever patient and understanding family". Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Mr Hannigan had "led the renewal" of national security capabilities to fight terrorism during his time at GCHQ. Mr Hannigan was director general of defence and intelligence at the Foreign Office before taking over the leadership of GCHQ in 2014. In a letter to the foreign secretary, he said he was proud of the work he had done and "how many lives have been saved in this country and overseas by the work of GCHQ" but added "now is the right time for a change in direction". Mr Hannigan said it was "right" that a new director be in place ready for GCHQ's 100th anniversary in 2019, but he would stay in the post until a replacement was appointed. 'Cyber defences' Sources have told BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera that the resignation was not the result of any concerns over policy in the UK or in the US. Mr Johnson thanked him for his service, saying he had "set the groundwork for a major transformation of our cyber defences" during his tenure. There will now be an internal competition within government to identify candidates for the job. Recommendations will then be sent to Mr Johnson and Prime Minister Theresa May for a final decision. Mr Hannigan was born in Gloucestershire and is a married father-of-two.